Elephant Atta Chakki Gold Endorsed By Heart UK

Elephant Atta Chakki Gold Endorsed By Heart UK

Elephant Atta – the number one chapatti flour brand in the UK since 1962 – is excited to announce that its premium Chakki Gold Atta has got the stamp of approval of HEART UK, a leading UK charity dedicated to supporting people and families who are concerned about rising cholesterol levels and providing them with guidance and education.

Elephant Atta Chakki Gold is 100% whole wheat finely milled atta high in fibre and proved to be low in salt, saturated fat and sugar, all important factors in lowering the possibility of heart illnesses. This support to the charity is important as Elephant Atta brand is passionate about encouraging its consumers to eat and live healthier.

Whenever health and heart is discussed, the word ‘cholesterol’ comes up big and bold. Research has shown that South Asians are worryingly susceptible to cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol- almost 50% more than Europeans. Risk factors include an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle and a genetic predisposition to insulin resistance. The way to a healthy heart is through a healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole-wheat and low in saturated fat and salt. In fact, whole-wheat provides health benefits that are not found in refined grains. There are plenty of ways in which people can make their food healthier – in the way they make it or the ingredients they use.

Anne Adshead Senior Brand Manager at Elephant Atta said, “Together with HEART UK we are determined to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Elephant Atta, being the most popular flour brand in the ethnic market in the UK is set not only to contribute financially to HEART UK’s valuable work, but also launch a series of initiatives from this October onwards which is ‘National Cholesterol Month’, helping consumers in caring for their hearts, taking intelligent decisions about their health, nutrition and well- being. This includes raising awareness about ways to prevent cardiovascular disease early on”.

Elephant Atta as part of this collaboration will be launching health tips, healthy recipes, product information, competitions and promotions on brand new website www.chakkiforheart.co.uk that will help consumers and their families learn how they can eat better and dramatically cut down cholesterol in their diet.

Elephant Atta Is Sponsoring “The Battle of Bollywood” Show On Sadler’s Wells

Battle of Bollywood PostElephant Atta is sponsoring “The Battle of Bollywood” show in support for the Lily Foundation  which is combating human trafficking and the Hemray Goyal Foundation.
Top university teams from all over the UK will perform on March 6th in front of a live audience and A-List judges Terence Lewis (Dance India Dance), Signature (Britain’s Got Talent), Juggy D and Shruti Shah (Shiamak Davar) for a chance to be named National Bollywood champions. As if that isn’t exciting enough, Zack Knight will also be performing.
The Live Show would be aired on BBC Asian Network at 6pm on 6th March.

Elephant Atta Is Launching Mum&Me films on Asian TV channels


As always, at Elephant Atta we have been very busy preparing for our latest activities, which we’re excited to share with you.

For generations, we have celebrated the unique bond between South Asian families and food. In the light of this on 8th of November we will be releasing our Mum&Me films on leading Asian TV channels. The films beautifully highlight the special emotions and memories of the mother-child relationship, which are so often centered on food.

And finally because we value our loyal customers, we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear that we are currently offering 50p off white, medium and brown 10kg and 25kg packs in all good independent stores.

Keep checking this space and following our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates from the world of Elephant Atta.

Elephant Atta Bringing You New Fun Recipes

Dear Chapatti Lover,

This is an exciting time for us over at Elephant Atta. We have been working hard to bring you more exciting chapatti ideas.

Have you seen our recently launched Twitter and Facebook pages? Be sure to take a look, ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘share’ and be part of it all. We have lots of exciting competitions and promotions coming up on these spaces, so get involved for your chance to win lots of Chapatti themed prizes, find out what we are up to, and give us some feedback.

Now for our latest…

We’ve been busy developing four innovative and inspiring new recipes, with more to come, which maintain the traditions Elephant Atta believes in, with a refreshingly modern twist.  And we’re sure they’ll get yours and your family’s taste buds tingling.

Take a look at our recipes page and experience the delights of spicy guacamole and kidney bean chapatti fajitas, get creative with the kids and chapizza, or keep it traditional with cauliflower kofta curry. Whichever you choose, enjoy it with Elephant Atta.

And finally…

Our next event is Southall Vaisakhi Mela and we would love to see you at our stall! There will be something for everyone with plenty of new recipe sampling and exciting giveaways.

We will also be giving out samples of our newly launched Chakki Gold Atta, giving you the chance to enjoy our lightest, fluffiest chapattis yet…!

Southall Vaisakhi Mela Details
Date: Sunday, 12th of April
Hours: 11AM – 4PM
Start: Havelock Road Gurdwaya
End: Park Avenue Gurdwara

Bye for now,

Team Elephant Atta

Summer and Mela Are Best Time of the Year

We have been busy this summer, having fun and making sure our customers also had a good time. We went all the way to Birmingham to take part in Birmingham Eid Mela and also toured to Leicester Mela.

Both events had lots to offer; giant funfair and activities for children, market stalls heaving with South Asian treats, showcasing dance and music, circus acts and crafts and a firework extravaganza to finish.

We were delighted as we had the busiest stalls at the events, thanks to all of those who came along to join in having a fantastic day. Whether you have got a henna tattoo, your kids enjoyed the free face painting or you took part in our exciting competitions, we hope you enjoyed this community event as much as we did.

Our games for families were developed with South Asian families and culture in mind as we believe that maintaining traditions is core and it’s even more important to pass them on to the next generation. Children and moms were teaming up together and competing with other duos for a chance to win 3 Free DVDs and adorable heart-shaped dough cutters. Moms had to roll chapatti dough very thin and the child needed to cut hearts. The winner team needed to have most number of hearts within just three minutes.

People were seriously getting into the competitive spirit and commenting, “You’ve really brought out my competitive side here and it’s great that I can take part with my daughter.”

The day was truly packed with joyful emotions where children were having fun and learning how to make perfect chapatti. We were excited to create happy moments and memories for consumers and their families.







Leicester 2 Winner

We’re Giving Away 30 Free Tickets To The Roof Top Screening Of English Vinglish Sponsored By Elephant Atta


Thank You For Your Participation!

To celebrate our current DVD promotion, Elephant Atta is giving away free tickets to an outdoor cinema screening of English Vinglish. Elephant Atta is a lead sponsor of the event, and is giving away 6 free tickets daily to the open air Bollywood cinema screening of English Vinglish to their loyal consumers everyday until 20th August 2014. The Bollywood Movie night is held for one night only in the transformed level 7 of the Springbridge Road car park in Ealing Broadway. We have limited tickets to give away daily, so don’t miss your chance for a great movie night out this bank holiday!


Send us an email from the Contact Us page with a subject line “Elephant Atta Roof Top Bollywood Movie Tickets” and one line on “why you love Elephant Atta chapattis”, includeyour full details (name, email, subject and message) for your chance to get a ticket to the movie night. You can request up to two tickets. If you are claiming two tickets, you will need to enter full details for the second person (including email) to ensure their entry too. Tickets will only be given to people who have submitted details as requested. The six lucky entries will be selected at the end of each day and will be notified by email within 48 hours. Hurry, now for your chance for a ticket to the open air screening of English Vinglish!


Your personal details will be kept confidential at all times and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your details and information will be used by Elephant Atta brand Westmill Foods to send information about the brand and its products, as well as future promotions.

Open Air Bollywood Night

Elephant Atta Has Won Campaign Of The Year Award

Elephant Atta Has Won Campaign Of The Year Award

Elephant Atta received Campaign of the Year Award at the Asian Media Awards for its 2012 marketing campaign and the TV advert celebrating the 50 years of Elephant Atta in 2012. Enjoying family ties and traditions has always been the core of the brand and what it stands for, 50 years may have gone by, but future families stay together with timeless traditions.

Elephant Atta 50 years of legacy artwork

Elephant Atta Launches Its New Advert: Blossom

Elephant Atta Blossom Ad on TV

We proudly launched our new TV advert called “ Blossom ”. The new ad shows how homemade chapattis are incorporated to the modern day context and lifestyle for mother and child, appealing to the next generation of British Asians. The ad is creatively executed to express ‘ A Mothers Love ’ and to highlight that Elephant Atta is not just any other atta – it is one that is an integral part of her and her family too.

“Blossom” TV Advert


Behind the Scenes of “Blossom” TV Advert


Elephant Atta in 2013 Leicester Mela

Leicester Mella logo

Elephant Atta took part in the 2013 Leicester Mela – the biggest South Asian cultural event in Leicester. Our stand was located a short distance away from the main stage, which gave us a great opportunity to have one-to-one interactions with our consumers.

Various free, family-fun activities were carried out in our branded marquee, which included an exciting chapatti-making competition, mainly for kids, and a family photo booth allowing families to capture the moment forever. Profits were donated to Silver Star – a charity supporting patients with diabetes. Additionally, as a reward, lots of gifts were given to both the competition winners and our loyal customers, including chapatti-making kits for kids, Elephant Atta-branded balloons and lollipops.

It was joyful to see the new generation of South Asians learning how to make perfect chapatti and continuing to carry on the tradition. Families engaged, supported and cheered whilst trying to roll the perfect round-shaped chapatti, having friendly competitions against each other just for fun.

Some of the heart-warming comments we received during the event:

[box type=”tick”]

Great to see you guys here at Leicester Mela. It’s an excellent thing you’re doing, getting everyone involved. Love the Brand.Mother / Wife

[box type=”tick”]

My daughter helps me in the kitchen sometimes. Proud feeing to see her have a go at making chapatti and win. Proud dad.Dad

[box type=”tick”]

You will never see my dad in the kitchen, so seeing him try and make a chapatti is great! Go dad!Daughter

[box type=”tick”]

My son won!!! He is a great help in the kitchen. Very proud mum.Mother

[box type=”tick”]

Chapatti making game is a great idea. Great to have the young people involved and enjoy our culture.Mother / Wife

Elephant Atta Ready To Eat Chapatti Are Certified As Halal

Muslim Food Board - TMFB

We are happy to announce that Elephant Atta Ready to Eat Chapatti has received the Halal certificate by the Muslim Food Board.

Ready to Eat Chapatti has been comprehensively examined and has been approved to meet the requirements of the Islamic Shariah Laws, therefore our Halal consumers can enjoy EA chapatti every day.

Muslim Food Board - TMFB

Halal Chapattis - Halal Chapatti

Elephant Atta’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations — 50 Years Legacy

50 years of legacy - Elephant Atta

Elephant Atta launched its “50 Years Legacy” campaign right before Mother’s Day and celebrated its Golden Jubilee at London’s Hilton Hyde Park Hotel launching  “50 Years Legacy” advert on national TV.

This advert takes the viewers through the various stages of making chapatti, highlighting the beautiful key mother-and-child moments of seven different families in the different stages of growing up and how Elephant Atta has played a role in these South Asian families, reinforcing the brand’s relevance with our consumers for the past 50 years. The ad comes with one of the most memorable jingles in Hindi of this time that touches many hearts, supporting the fact that the iconic chapattis are the cornerstone of the traditional South Asian diets and are enjoyed by thousands of UK South Asian families. The tradition of making chapattis is passed from generation to generation in South Asian cultures, and Elephant Atta honours this tradition, further committed to taking care of the health, nutrition and well-being of the families together with mothers.


Elephant Atta 50 years of legacy