Home is where the Elephant Atta is

Chapattis, rotis, parathas, puris…

Home ….. It’s the taste of comfort, of warm roti and dhal on a winter’s night. Of leftover chapattis warmed up with butter for breakfast. It’s the taste of childhood memories, your parents teaching you to make them, secretly preferring your grandma’s paratha to your mum’s.

It's a love shared by millions of families, across cultures, languages, and faiths. For this project, we wanted to share the stories of just four of these families, who welcomed us into their homes with open arms.

Elephant Atta is proud to have been at the heart of South Asian homes for over 60 years. Each family with their favourite atta variety, each with their own way of decanting our unmistakable pink bags into their cupboards and atta tins. Each panicking when they’re down to their last five kilos! This is their story as much as ours.

Home is where the Elephant Atta is.

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