Meet our family of ATTA & RICE PRODUCTS

Discover our range of premium atta flour products, milled from only the finest quality wheats that give Elephant Atta the consistent quality, natural freshness and great taste that has made us the leading atta brand in the UK* and won our Medium and Self-raising attas 2 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2017.

Every member of the Elephant Atta family is a natural source of fibre, low in salt, sugar and saturated fats, and contributes to a balanced, nutritious diet. Our atta contains no animal fats or protein, and is suitable for vegetarians.

Each of our attas have varying levels of fibre to cater to every taste and diet preference. Get to know our family better by exploring our range to find the perfect atta for you.

We have also recently launched our brand new range of Elephant Rice products. Click below to find out more!

*53% market share, Westmill quantitative research – 500 respondents December 2015

Pure Basmati
Basmati Extra Long
Basmati Boost
Chakki Gold Flour
Wholemeal Flour
Medium Flour
Fine White Flour
Multigrain Flour
Vitamin D Flour
Brown Flour
Self Raising Flour
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