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Elephant Atta Chakki Gold have teamed up with HEART UK, the UK’s leading charity that provides support, guidance and education about cholesterol, to bring you a 7 day meal plan with healthy, balanced and nutritious meals that will help you kick-start a healthier lifestyle and keep your cholesterol under control. To know more about the partnership visit :


with our 7 day meal plan created by Chakki Gold.

We all enjoy good food and eating well. But in the modern world, we often don’t have time to look after ourselves properly and pay attention to our health. The stress of modern life with work, children, commuting and so on often means that we prepare meals without paying attention to their nutritious value, and whether our meals are balanced or not.

As we grow older, we are more at risk of high cholesterol levels. This is usually due to a combination of stress, diet and lack of exercise. While our traditional meals appear healthy, it is often the way they are prepared that can put us at risk. Over-use of saturated fats like ghee, butter and oil can lead to high cholesterol, which in turn has an effect on our hearts.

Our 7 day meal plan is just the beginning of a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, a taster to help you start making the right choices, change old habits and understand how to adapt your meals to be more balanced and healthy. And at the heart of it is Chakki Gold atta, 100% whole wheat flour, finely stone ground with high fibre content, low in saturated fat, salt and sugar. The perfect choice for your journey to better health.

So if you are ready to make a few small changes to your eating habits, while still enjoying the foods you know and love, sign up now and let’s get started.

We would be delighted if you shared your progress and pictures of your dishes with us on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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* Health tips provided by HEART UK

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