A Special Promotion For A Lifetime of Special Moments

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A Special Promotion For A Lifetime of Special Moments Family and cultural traditions have always been important to us and we strongly believe that food and spending time with family are at the core of maintaining these traditions. Our iconic chapattis are the cornerstone of South Asian traditions, and are enjoyed by thousands of British-Asian families daily. From self-raising flour to Chakki atta, thanks to the loyalty and dedication of all women and mothers, our chapatti flour, remains the number one brand in the UK.

Upholding the tradition of mothers and daughters sharing the experience of making chapatti, is what we have been aspiring to achieve for 50 years now. This is because we sincerely believe that traditions and cultural values are passed on through this unbreakable bond. And it is our commitment to this belief that makes ours the best atta.

To show how much we appreciate our loyal consumers, we have created a special promotion to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their daughters: the bond that maintains the all-important traditions and cultural values.

So here it is: we are giving away matching mother daughter aprons with every promotional 25kg and 10kg bag of Elephant Atta. Whether you use our atta to make parathas, puris or chapatti, our ‘Mum And Me’ promotion is perfect for those special moments between mother and daughter. We look forward to seeing Elephant Atta at the centre of all these moments, not just today, but for generations to come.
For more details on the promotion click here. And don’t forget to share pictures of those special moments on our Facebook and Twitter pages with #MumAndMe.

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