National Obesity Awareness Week – Jan 8 to 14

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The National Obesity Awareness week is an awareness drive by the National Obesity Forum held every year in January. This year it starts on 8th January and we think this is the right time to stop and consider our eating habits and our diet.

We have always encouraged eating well and enjoying tasty food, whilst making healthy choices for a varied but balanced diet. Our Chakki Gold and Wholemeal attas are the perfect way to introduce more fibre in your diet, essential for a healthy digestion.

Are you making healthy food choices? Test your knowledge with this quiz we have created with HEART UK

We are also proud to support Heart UK in raising awareness of the link between our diet, cholesterol levels and heart disease. Find out more at

Eat well, eat healthy. Try out some of our recipes that include more fibre and less fat, yet are packed full of flavour.


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