Plain naan

Serves 4
Hands-on time 40 min
Oven time 50-55 min

The Naan bread needs no introduction, it is quite possibly the most well known of South Asian breads, made popular worldwide by Curry Houses and Indian restaurants. The Naan is a soft, leavened bread, traditionally elongated in a tear-drop shape and baked in a tandoor, but you can also make it at home. Just follow our simple recipe to make delicious home-made naans.

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  • 175g of Elephant Atta self-raising flour
  • 50g of Elephant Atta self-raising wholemeal flour
  • 50ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 100ml-150ml of tepid water

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  • Kulsum Malek
    (Sunday, May 20. 2018 01:18 AM)
    I would love your recipes
  • Rekha
    (Monday, Apr 2. 2018 10:22 AM)
    Always used elephant atta
    It is the best ����
  • Bhanu Mahal
    (Friday, Mar 30. 2018 09:26 PM)
    I must have for Easter
  • Bhanu Mahal
    (Tuesday, Feb 27. 2018 06:11 PM)
    Lovely looks tasty❤️
  • Bhanu Mahal
    (Sunday, Feb 11. 2018 08:29 PM)
    My favourite atta,love Arabic food

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01 Mix the flour and milk along with enough water to form a soft dough – knead well, then leave in a warm place for 30 minutes.

02 Divide the dough into 10 equal balls and roll out into desired shape.

03 Cook on a pan over medium heat, using tongs, fluff up each naan, just like with chapatti.

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