Wishing You a Chapatti Inspired Halloween from Elephant Atta

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Chapatti Inspired Halloween from Elephant AttaAs Halloween approaches, we often struggle to integrate western culture with our own. We want our children to enjoy and be part of the culture that surrounds them, but we also want them to remember where they came from and to remember the South Asian traditions that we are so proud of and want to pass on.

With a bit of creativity, we believe that bringing the two together is possible. However, it is important that as the parent you involve yourself in the relevant activities. Let your child know that it is ok to embrace these traditions, but show them how your own traditions can work within them.

Go beyond trick or treating with them. Get creative in the kitchen and take advantage of your trusty bag of Elephant Atta. Use our Chapizza recipe but instead, use only cheese, turning the Chapizzas into ghosts, using black olives as eyes. Make edible mummies by shredding the chapatti and wrapping the individual pieces around a sausage. Or Halloween themed chapatti using beetroots for red chapattis or carrots for orange one. Be sure to cook and blend the vegetables before adding them to the chapatti flour. These are not only creative, but nutritional too, perfect if your child is not a fan of vegetables. Or give them a breakfast they’ll never forget with a witch inspired breakfast plate. Make a witch’s hat out of chapatti, fried eggs as eyes, a sausage as the nose and a mouth out of baked beans. The possibilities really are endless!

Have your children’s friends over before trick or treating and invite them to try your Chapatti inspired Halloween treats. Or how about a fun activity? show them how chapatti is made, this time using sugar to make them sweet and allow them to decorate them themselves with colourful icing. Showing pride in your heritage will encourage your child to as well. We believe that it is little things such as these that will make the traditions we strive to represent carry on for generations to come. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more fun ideas.