Wishing You a Happy New Year From Elephant Atta


EA-Christmas-BlogpostWhen we talk of New Years some people immediately think of parties and celebrations whereas others see it more as a time for reflecting over past events and achievements whilst setting resolutions and plans for the year ahead. As we approach the New Year we thought we’d take this opportunity to offer some useful tips on party planning and resolutions.

When you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party, it is often tricky to think of the right food. Guests will be attending late evening, so preparing traditional meals can be too heavy on the stomach. Finger foods are the easiest and safest options. Setting the table with simple and delicious nibbles are sure to create a fun and lively atmosphere where the food takes center stage.

Our Spicy Guacamole And Kidney Bean Chapatti Fajita recipe (not a nibble) is ideal for such occasions. Quick, easy and can be enjoyed hot or cold, a platter of these is sure to become an instant party favorite. Our Chapizza recipe is also a great idea for party food and can be enjoyed with almost any topping, from tuna to vegetables and chicken to pepperoni.

Why not also try chapatti roll ups? These can be made with different fillings, such as seafood or cheese, giving you the chance to get creative and accompany them with complimentary dips. You can also add vegetables such as beetroots and carrots to the chapatti dough creating fun and festive multi colored chapattis. Serve them with a cocktail stick so they are easier to eat.

As for New Years resolutions, we often end up promising ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle or make plans to get back in touch and maintain contact with family or friends. However, resolutions are not often kept, our busy lifestyles and habits take over causing us to break them not too far into January. We believe that with some careful consideration, they can more easily be maintained. For instance with chapatti playing such a dominant role in day to day meals, a basic step such as switching to wholemeal Atta or chakki will make a big difference in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Upholding contact with family back home can be difficult, especially when we consider everyone’s busy schedules and the time difference. A useful resolution would be to gather the family at a particular time every week and video call your relations back home.

In any case, the Elephant Atta team would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year filled with delicious food and surrounded by the warmth of family and friends!