World Heart Day

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World Heart Day encourages you to look out for your most vital organ. Eating healthy, staying active and saying no to smoking are all little things you can do to keep your heart pumping longer! The World Heart Federation website has even more advice on looking out for your heart here

We have prepared some delicious meals for you that are good for the heart. However, if you are even more committed to looking after your health, follow our 7 day meal plan which is created by Heart UK for an arrange of wonderful recipes that are so tasty; you’ll never want to eat fast food again”


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  • Kulsum Malek
    (Sunday, May 20. 2018 01:18 AM)
    I would love your recipes
  • Rekha
    (Monday, Apr 2. 2018 10:22 AM)
    Always used elephant atta
    It is the best ����
  • Bhanu Mahal
    (Friday, Mar 30. 2018 09:26 PM)
    I must have for Easter
  • Bhanu Mahal
    (Tuesday, Feb 27. 2018 06:11 PM)
    Lovely looks tasty❤️
  • Bhanu Mahal
    (Sunday, Feb 11. 2018 08:29 PM)
    My favourite atta,love Arabic food

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