Special Dinning For Special Summer Months

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Recipes-Video-BlogAs we welcome in the summer months, appetites and menus begin to change. Family members begin to arrive from abroad to spend the summer with you, children finish school for the holidays and it becomes difficult to cater for everyone.  Lighter foods such as salads and grilled meats are preferred to heavier options such as traditional curries. And while this makes for a much healthier diet, it can be difficult to find the right balance in foods that will be to the liking of your children and your visiting family.

The balance between modern and traditional foods is something we all struggle with. However, we have come up with a number of recipes that maintain this balance, while satisfying the cravings of hot weather.  Our recipe for Tandoori Chicken is ideal for the barbeque. Marinate the chicken as suggested in the recipe and instead of cooking it in the oven, throw it on the barbeque! Or try our Mutton Curry  .

For recipes you know the children will love and that they can help you make, try our Chapizza Recipe – a play on the traditional pizza using a chapatti as the pizza dough, making our atta a truly all purpose flour. Your children will love choosing their own toppings and they can even be rolled up and enjoyed as wraps. Ideal light eating during hot weather, no doubt, older family members will enjoy them too! Similar to this, try our Spicy Guacamole and Kidney Bean Chapatti Fajitas recipe. Like with Chapizza, here the tortilla bread is replaced by chapatti to make lovely, nutritionally balanced fajitas or even wraps with any leftovers. The recipe makes for a modern Mexican style dish, but the use of chilli and chapatti give it an invigorating South Asian kick.

What we love most about all these recipes is that they can all be enjoyed with chapatti, parathas or puris. In some cases, chapatti is the key in bringing together the mouth-watering ingredients: allowing you to continue sharing the special experience of making chapatti with you loved ones. To make the moments extra special for both your guest and your children, use our new Chakki Gold Atta for light and fluffy wholemeal chapatti, that is both our healthiest and best tasting yet.

Wishing you a beautiful summer filled with special moments, great weather and healthy and delicious food. Keep checking our social media for more recipes ideas as well as chances to win fantastic prizes.