Wishing You a Happy Valentine’s Day from Elephant Atta

Valentines Day

Shop windows are awash with hearts and cuddly toys, florists are brimming with rose bouquets and supermarkets have even dedicated entire aisles to the celebration; Valentine’s Day is officially upon us.

Whether it’s chocolates, a gift that sparkles or simply a heartfelt message in a special card; we’ve got the perfect suggestion for your celebration – a romantic home-cooked meal for two. After all, they do say the best way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach, and with our selection of tasty recipes you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Perhaps you forgot to make a reservation at your partner’s favourite restaurant or perhaps you’re simply opting for the calm and comfort of home over the hustle and bustle of a noisy, and undoubtedly busy eatery. Whatever the reason, there’s no better way of showing your loved ones just how much you care than by rolling up your sleeves and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

The day’s celebration doesn’t have to start and end with dinner though. You could start off the morning by treating your loved one to breakfast in bed; perhaps some heart-shaped chapatti pancakes with chocolate-covered strawberries? Or a deliciously indulgent Payasam with some sweet fruit and honey as you exchange gifts?

If you often pack your partner’s lunches, be sure to bring a smile to their face by attaching a secret romantic note or surprise them with their favourite dish as a special treat. Rather than their usual store-bought sandwich, they could be tucking into a scrumptious spicy guacamole and kidney bean chapatti fajita wrap you’ve prepared.

Dinner needn’t be a hassle. We know that if you and your partner have busy work schedules you may not want to come home and prepare a lengthy meal. Simply rustle up a quick and easy chapizza or chapatti lahmajo to tear and share as you settle down for the evening. If you’re planning on watching your favourite Bollywood or Hindi movie together, you could make some heart-shaped popodoms as a tasty snack and even pair them with some luxurious dips like a subtly sweet South Indian tomato dip, or something a bit spicier.


If time is on your hands, show your loved one just how much you care by with an extravagant three-course meal. Rotis and cauliflower kofta to start, followed by your famous chicken tikka masala that they simply can’t resist. And for dessert? Satisfy your partner’s sweet tooth with some moreish Gulab Jamun. You can even feed each other these bite-sized syrupy treats. Don’t fret if you’re stuck for recipe ideas, we’ve got a wide range on offer that will help you cater for any diner. From Achari chicken and Mutton curry for the meat lovers, to an Aubergine and Potato dish for those who favour vegetable curries.


However you choose to celebrate this year, we’d love to be part of your special day! Send us photos of your culinary efforts on any of our social platforms. Simply snap a picture of your romantic meal or even pose for a selfie with our loved one enjoying the delicious dish you lovingly prepared, and tag us along with the #MadeWithLove hashtag.